Damaged Credit Keeps Many People From Obtaining A Credit Card...

But Now They Can!

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Over 70 million Americans suffer from common problems negatively affecting their credit, such as:

  • Late payments
  • Charge offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Incorrect/outdated personal information


If you have credit problems, collection issues or stubborn past creditors and want to do the work yourself then yes! Our Self Help Credit Restoration-Debt Negotiation is for you if you want to fix your credit yourself, not pay an agency and... you are tired of being abused by the credit industry and want to educate yourself about the laws and utilize our expertise to fight back against inaccurate credit reporting and abusive debt collectors. It can be a daunting task correcting your credit. Collectors can be abusive, credit bureaus don't listen and the whole process is very frustrating. That is why we created this self help service. No monthly payments, keep your private credit information private and do the work yourself for practically nothing! Read More...


Do It Yourself Credit Fix!

  • Improve your credit rating
  • Get approve for loans
  • Approval for credit cards
  • Lower interest rates
  • Save thousands


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Poor Credit RatingsHaving trouble getting approved
for a credit cards?

Compare offers for negative ratings.

View credit cards that offer guaranteed approval.

Most "Credit Repair Clinics" should be avoided, they usually are overpriced and amount to nothing but a scam. On April 11th, 1996, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced action being taken in 15 different cases against credit repair firms that still are bilking consumers out of millions of dollars annually. Credit repair clinics can't do anything to improve your credit report that you can't do for yourself, at little or no cost. By following this system you are doing it yourself!

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